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PAR-L includes an online discussion list, a network of Partners, two electronic publications, and this Web site.

The mailing list, founded in 1995, is co-moderated by Michèle Ollivier and Wendy Robbins. It operates daily and includes over 1,400 subscribers. It enables academic, community, and government feminist policy researchers and activists to share up-to-date information about, and be in a position to respond to, policy, legislation, and events of concern to women.

Our network of Partners includes feminist research centres, professional associations, and grassroots organizations interested in women's equality and policy issues in Québec and Canada.

Our two electronic publications are the research bulletin Niouzes and the online scholarly journal Feminist Stratégies féministes.

Our Web site is an electronic gateway to feminist action and research in Canada and Québec. It offers resources to sustain Policy, Action, and Research that promote women's equality.

The site also features the work of PAR-L's Partner organizations.

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